Pinena® Organic Pine Bark Extract

Straight from the cleanest forests in the world.

Elevate your product line with nature's best: Our arctic organic pine bark extract is naturally rich in minerals, antioxidants, and more.

Why choose us?

Get the only certified organic pine bark extract available

Benefit from nearly 50 years of sustainable family business experience

Enjoy the goodness of extract sourced from Finland's clean forests

Sustainable and organic

We only cut the trees we need

Fully traceable

With our transparent and traceable process, you’ll know every step of our extract’s journey, from the forest block to the wood feller.

LocalLy sourced

Rest assured, we use tree bark from trees that would have been used as firewood, thanks to our local farmer network.


Opt for expertly chosen material, as our trained professionals carefully select only the trees that meet our quality standards.

Interested in our extract?

For samples and pricing, we're here to assist you.

Versatile application possibilities

Whether it’s cosmetics, nutrition, or supplements – creams, serums, powders, or beverages, our 100 % pure organic pine bark extract is ideal for a variety of products.

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Mia Nygård-Peltolta
Business Director